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Dog lovers stick together! Adopt a pawtriot that expresses who you are. With fewer than 100 pawtriots that will ever be minted on the Singular marketplace via RMRK and Kusama, you can be confident that your chosen companion is as unique as you are.

The Roadmap

The Origin Story

On a warm early fall day on his farm in upstate New York, Krister Axel had the idea to start an NFT collection. He needed a break from his day job as a music writer and had always enjoyed working as a graphic designer when given the opportunity. After playing with a few different ideas, he quickly settled on a drawing he had done of a Dalmatian. Using a vector graphic program called Gravit he designed the dog face and outline along with the pattern of spots, and finished by pulling the layers into Photoshop for touching up. The next day he wrote a program in Ruby to assemble the layers dynamically, and with some help from his two young children, picked a series of favorites for both collections.

Once the look was finalized, the real work began: crafting the marketing strategy, the promotional copy, and the special edition themes. Although a Ruby script is used for assembling the layers, we are very proud of the fact that each pawtriot starts with a hand-assembled vector portrait and is also finished by hand with custom accessories and backgrounds.

CHILLFILTR® is a registered trademark of Black Lake Media.

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Collectible Art

The first pawtriot sold within a few minutes. With support from a tightknit NFT community on Twitter and some very useful advice from our friends at KusamaKingdom, we feel very lucky to have connected with such a fantastic group of artists and creators and fans of collectible NFTs.

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Special Editions

Collectors love special editions and these pawtriots are perfectly suited for thematic elements—the 'Ghost Dog' run includes only 15 NFTs dressed for Halloween.

Trick or Treat

With colorful masks and custom spooky backgrounds, the Ghost Dog Edition hits a sweet spot just in time for Halloween. Pawtriot 039 is featured in a giveaway on Twitter set for October 31.

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Pawtriot 042

Only one pawtriot is wearing the wolf mask. 8 different custom backgrounds were rolled out exclusively for the Ghost Dog editions.

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The original pawtriot

The first pawtriot listed on Singular sold in minutes. NFT collectors love the art style and the cute factor.

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Pawtriot 004

The first set of patriots features eight different body types, with 'crazy pink' fur being one of the rarest.

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