Q4 2021

Please click here for an important update regarding this collection. For the moment new drops are on hold after Halloween until we are able to get in touch with existing pawtriot owners.

Click here to look up the rarity for your pawtriot. This spreadsheet will be updated before every drop. Please remember: because the rarity scores are generated dynamically, they will change slightly as new pawtriots are minted.

Q1 2022

We have ideas in the pipeline for subsequent collections and a gaming platform for pawtriot owners. We will be sharing on socials as details develop. Our emphasis will continue to be on hand-drawn collectibles with a unique artistic vision and a focus on animal themes as well as a unique experience for our collectors that brings together the best of casual gaming, rewards staking, and indie pop culture.

Q2 2022

We are coordinating our next big IP with the release of RMRK 2.0. We are excited for the future and look forward to bringing more unique, small-batch collectible art to the Singular marketplace as well as breaking new ground at the intersection of NFT collectibles and web-based gaming.

The Team

As the Dalmatian Nation collection gains in popularity and we see the exponential growth that is expected for collectible NFTs in general as well as the RMRK ecosystem specifically, CHILLFILTR® and Black Lake Media will be working to expand the art team in charge of launching NFT projects.

We are currently reaching out to other creators in our personal network with styles that we love. The first artist to join our team is Katia Ferris, a successful media influencer, Creative Bug Instructor, and visual artist who also happens to be Krister's sister. In the office we also have Lavinia Axel, Krister's wife and CEO of Black Lake Media as well as Aga Dixon who contributes her expertise as a digital marketing specialist.

Krister Axel

Head Creator, Technologist, and Designer.

With a range of experience in the entertainment space—from music to blogging and visual art—Krister works across mediums to develop an engaging and unique point of view. After a decades-long career as a Ruby on Rails developer he is happy to bring his creative skills to Black Lake Media as designer and concept lead.

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Lavinia Axel

CEO and General Manager.

As former VP of Integrated Marketing at Match.com and with over two decades of experience leading cross-departmental digital teams to success, Lavinia now dedicates her skills in brand development, UX design and business intelligence to her role of CEO at Black Lake Media.

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