In Support of Mothers's first collaborative collection on Singular is a celebration of motherhood. A mother of 2 beautiful girls, Katia drew the prototypes for ANIMOM using Procreate, and we helped her with the art layers and assembly using Image Magick and Photoshop. These anteater "ANIMOMs" are full of color and whimsy—and they won't let a sleeping baby slow them down.

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The Partnership

Krister and Katia are brother and sister.

Growing up together, Krister gravitated towards music and technology while Katia focused on art and design. Her handmade dolls are sold to collectors from around the world and she connects with her fans primarily on Instagram.

Katia on Instagram

This set of ANIMOMs will release over the coming weeks and months while we continue to work on new concepts for the Singular marketplace.

Collectible Art

Only 120 ANIMOMs will ever be released. Most of them are holding a variation of the leaf staff, but the rarest ones have been known to drink coffee, eat ice cream, and more!

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